Boris, with respect, that’s not a title, but simply a response. If this is your lifestyle that’s your lifestyle. Mainstream for me means those folks who want all the bells and whistles, what you call an ecosystem. My ecosystem, Boris, is the natural one, out in the woods, the mountains, the ocean- the REAL ecosystems that sustain and succor us. That is by no means a criticism, it simply demonstrates a different way of both framing and seeing the world around us.

All I can say is that if a grand for a fairly useless (in my opinion, based on my lifestyle) piece of technology is nothing to you, then you have an income that is one hell of a lot more generous than mine. That’s implied in your copy. (please see

Great for you. I am speaking to a growing continent of those of us who just do not care, and if anything, ache for simplicity, and a return to being in life rather than so deeply distracted that they are forever a deer in the headlights as an oncoming truck hurtles at them at speed, driver on iPhone texting, you texting. The stats bear me out. We live different lives. The thousand dollars that these “millions” drop on a disposable piece of crap -again, my opinion- will buy me a solid two to three weeks in an Asian country being a digital nomad. Both of us likely feel that it’s a good investment. I’d vastly prefer to have stories and memories. Apple is meaningless to me- and the hype around its products just that. Hype. It’s the same kind of hype surrounding a simple white cotton shirt that some fashion designer can convince someone to drop three grand on. My point precisely. As long as PT Barnum was right, people will be separated from their money rather easily, for perceived value, and in many, many cases, for implied status. Again- nothing wrong with that. Not my lifestyle. That was my point. If you find implied criticism in this, you’re not hearing me. If the iPhone offers you value of some kind and that grand is meaningless to you, then why on earth not. Not the point of my comment.

You have every right to your take, Boris. If your lifestyle is driven, defined, and supported by such devices, that is your choice. I’m moving swiftly in the other direction for damned good reasons. It saddens me that we are so incredibly gullible as a buying public that we allow folks like Apple to convince us that we have to have anything that is so good at robbing us of time, life, and experiences. But again, that’s my take, my opinion, and only mine. Enjoy your iPhone.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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