if you insist on taking my comments personally, which you appear to be doing here, then of course you’re going to take umbrage. Kindly I am making a broad statement about device use based on my research. NOT ONCE did I say YOU BORIS are distracted by your devices. NOT ONCE did I state or imply that YOU are overly connected to your iPhone. This is the problem when we read- if you choose to see things directed at you personally, kindly Boris that is your choice.

Here is what I did say: You have every right to your take, Boris. If your lifestyle is driven, defined, and supported by such devices, that is your choice.

I said IF which is a very big IF. I didn’t make the assumption. If anything I’m careful to use language that leaves that wide open because I can’t know. Any more than you can know that eschewing technology for me is a virtue. It’s a preference. You can choose to project any judgment on that you like. That I have feelings about it is driven in part by mindless folks who head out into the wild to get a ‘gram shot with no gear, no jacket, no equipment, and end up costing the taxpayers millions in first responder costs. That is also backed up by plenty of research as well as first-hand knowledge not only from my own experience but from some of my closest friends who are first responders.

Th research I do online has again and again shown that vast numbers of us are indeed addicted to our devices. All I have to do is look around all over the world in every country- people ignoring who they’re with, sitting at tables completely engrossed in their phones and not talking to each other, people walking down the street slamming into poles and each other.

It’s not always and forever about YOU. My comments are not always about YOU. I’ts not always about YOU so that every time someone writes a comment or states an opinion, it’s not about YOU. I read your comments with respect, took them in with respect, and stated additional opinions with respect. NOT ONCE did I say that you were driven by your devices. I said again, so that we’re clear here: If your lifestyle is driven, defined, and supported by such devices, that is your choice.

I am still responding with respect. I have a take, it’s backed by research, and I do my best to refrain from making personal judgments. Again here’s what I wrote

Again- nothing wrong with that. Not my lifestyle. That was my point. If you find implied criticism in this, you’re not hearing me. If the iPhone offers you value of some kind and that grand is meaningless to you, then why on earth not. Not the point of my comment.

IF. That’s not intended as a judgment, nor is intended to state that you are. From your comments it sounded as though your device has a very important role in your life. That. Is. Your. Choice. Just as it is everyone’s choice, Boris. I see people in Paradise (where I am right now) totally missing Paradise because they can’t put their phones down. From Bali to Bariloche to Barcelona, then I see their comments about how unhappy they are. I didn’t say YOU were. NOT ONCE.

Like all of us, we see through the filters that we’ve installed in our minds when we read.

I have preferences for a way of life that many, many people tell me that they would like to live. My response has been and continues to be, put the damned phone down and be in life.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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