Because why? I guess they’re more important that anything else? Who knows? We have no idea how to feel anything. We don’t stop long enough to let the feelings rise. That’s the real theft of the moment. To your point; we recall what makes us excited. Happy. Sad. Whatever. Otherwise it’s all just meh. I was here. I was there. So. Fucking. WHAT. WHAT DID YOU FEEL? Exactly.

On the Argentinean beach a while back, someone got hold of a baby dolphin, one of a very endangered species. Guess what happened? Thousands jostled to keep the baby out of the water for the goddamend fucking SELFIES. The baby died. These people. Should. Be.SHOT. But that’s just me. They tossed that tiny creature back into the ocean, a piece of dead meat by that time. It’s happened twice.

I have no words for these sub human beings. None at all. Just…none.


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