Aye. And here’s the rub that I have with media, social media, and generational shaming. I struggle to understand when else are we going to give ourselves permission to make dumb decisions? Please. From 16–25 and I might add right up to the rest of our lives, we are going to make poor decisions. Age does not confer better judgement. Failure does. And if there is a better time to do dumb shit than in your first three decades, please, tell me when? There simply is NO time in our lives during which we suddenly Come Into Wisdom. It’s gradual, constant, and it never stops. We gather years, life, experience. Without dumb decisions, we can’t make better ones. I can pontificate all I want (and so can your aunt or anyone else) but until YOU go out and experiment, for better or worse, you cannot possibly know a thing. That is your sacred right. And it is your sacred responsibility. Not giving ourselves permission to fuck up in our youth is supremely unfair. I fuck up all the time and I’m 66. Perhaps the difference is that I find my fuckups funny at this age. That may well be the only wisdom I have, granted, but those fuckups do not ruin my life any more. They’re just life. All young people of any age consider the next rung up OLD. I think of 70 as OLD until I get there. Then 75 sounds OLD. It’s what we do. And it’s pretty funny.

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