As we are, C.M. Currently I am in Taipei on my way to Indonesia. It’s a massive, pulsing city full of neon. As I walked through the fragrant light rain to my hotel in the middle of town, I noted that the carpeting in the Taipei main station is designed graphically to resemble grass. If we’re not mindful, that will all we have left- graphic representations of what we all value: green, water, forests, open land. That is where we all heal, outside the Skinner’s boxes of huge cities. While many have never seen the open land, when they are in it, something magical happens. It’s been researched. We NEED forests and rivers and lakes and hiking trails for our collective souls. The Japanese call this “forest bathing.” Those forests belong to the world, not just whoever happens to be inside the borders. As the Brazilian Amazon is slashed, we are killing the lungs of the world as surely as though we were forcing Mother Nature to smoke five packs a day. That air belongs to us all. Same as the whales, rhinos and ellies belong to us all. That collective consciousness is still a long way off, as long as we allow others to develop what little old growth we have, turn forests into garden mulch, and build houses where panthers and bears need to forage. Then we murder the predators for killing our pets, whom they hunt just as we hunt them. Again, I don’t have the answer. Just more questions. And I continue to hope.

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