As usual, JE, thoughtful, provocative and in so many ways right on the money. I have to make this response fairly quick as I am headed out for the day (and the gym) but wanted to simply add this: in the Chinese horoscope I am a dragon, so online versions don’t bother or intimidate me at all. I would in fact liken it to the deeply unfortunate Sixth Great Extinction which the Earth is experiencing right now, largely brought on by those very men. The VERY good news is that this extinction is going to take those dinosaurs with them (me too but that’s beside the point). Frightened, threatened, angry, bitter, pissed off, vengeful, itty bitty penis-carrying men are going to simply die out. Many reasons for this, the most obvious being the birth rate.

Second, because all you have to do is look at the coming elections and the move among the kids to get out the vote to stop the gun insanity. That scares the holy shit out of that very community (Oliver North? REALLY???). They are going extinct. While there are going to be some survivors (much like gators and Komodo dragons) the world, with its vastly more complex demands and need for cultural cooperation and dialogue, will simply get rid of species that can’t, won’t or choose not to adapt to the changing environment both natural and human. To wit, you can deny climate change all you want, but when your Florida beachfront home is up to the rafters in seawater, well, that’s Nature’s way of saying fuck you, stupid. Rush Limbaugh learned that lesson the hard way when a hurricane or two slammed into my home state where he had to run like a rat after telling people it was a liberal hoax. Stupidity is like ebola, it’s viral, catchy, and it kills.

Man tends to shit into every environment he has entered. Every single part of nature, including space, sports our trash. While we women bear part of the blame, it’s going to be the more feminine and protective parts of us- of all genders- that are going to do what it takes to bring us to some sanity. In the meantime, when we explore, push boundaries, engage in intelligent conversation no matter where, we are threatening a species that is dying out, and knows it. No wonder they’re so mad. Just look at how history is going to treat them- not kindly- and their kids, grand kids and greats are going to piss on their graves. With good reason.

Interestingly, all you have to do is look at South Africa. Those Afrikaaners who virulently disagreed with the loss of apartheid formed their own state, rather like our own survivalist community. There will always be wingnuts. There’s a place for them. However, we don’t have to give them permission to force us out of dialogues and discussions which give us joy, feed our souls and energize our intelligence. If they think we’re peeing on their bushes now, JE, just wait a few decades.

I find the challenge of dealing with sewage dwellers an excellent exercise in self-restraint. It’s even fun to respond with intelligence and see just how low they go to be even uglier, all the while feeling morally superior. Thank god not all are like that- there are plenty of very good men around. They are not, however, in government, or at least not enough, not yet. And not enough in our online communities to drown out the despots. But there will be.

Love your comments. Too many good ones to give them all the credit they deserve. Thanks as always for your input.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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