As someone who has been dealing with many of these same behaviors in doctors (my experience was with a surgeon who dismissed a concussion as “hysteria” then denied my shoulder pain as all in my head until, of course the MRI that I paid for out of my own pocket showed considerable inflammation) I feel for you deeply. I have been conducting interviews with patients of a holistic doctor — who is also an MD- and every single one to a person stated the same experiences you do. Dismissed, dishonored, ignored.Medical ignorance to the nth degree. I am beyond impatient with the pursed-lip condescension of these assholes, as well as the widespread deep ignorance which they drape with arrogance out of the ingrained fear that they might be wrong. They often ARE wrong, but rather than engage in a learning experience WITH the patient, it’s vastly easier to make the patient wrong for not getting better in God’s hands- their hands, natch. As a superb athlete myself as you were, I have fought very similar battles. As a woman, as you state in your article, male docs make incredible assumptions about my age (65) and ability. Most couldn’t come close to completing a single workout on my schedule. This kind of institutional stupidity and arrogance kills. And on top of that, how DARE you not get well with the meds or treatement they suggest? You rob them of their bragging rights.

As we head into the brand new world of viruses and bacteria unleashed by global warming as the poles melt, and by god it is coming, doctors are going to be further confounded by the spread of new illnesses (such as the tick borne meat allergy). They are not prepared for what we are dealing with today, much less what’s coming. There are good docs who work out of humility and gratitude to be able to be of service. I find them more often overseas, not here at home. I prefer to work with nurses and PAs. They don’t suffer the widespread institutionalized righteousness and God complex that has infected the medical community like Lyme disease. Most doctors don’t know they are ill themselves. Very ill mentally ill. They are sick with the same illnesses they accuse their patients of having.

Physician, heal thyself, in other words.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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