As someone who entered the corporate world in the big- shouldered, be-like-men eighties, having come out of the Army, my reference points were in part driven by women we young lieutenants referred to as “battle axes.” These were bitter, broken women whose lives were a disappointment, and they took out their anger on those of us whom they perceived had it so much easier. We had our own battles.

It would be decades before Madeline Albright said that there was a special place in hell for women who refused to help other women. Not much has changed. Religion is a huge player in this, make no mistake. That’s another article entirely.

I am in Mongolia, interviewing the heads of large women’s organizations. No different here.

As long as you and I and all our collective sisters world-wide drink the man- made Kool aid that we have to compete ( for anything- a man, a job, a promotion, money, security) then we are as controllable as cattle. We don’t. What we have is the entire world in our hands and we give it away for beads, mirrors and alcohol. We have allowed ourselves to be hijacked by a pack of lies. Don’t believe me? It might be instructive to read When God Was A Woman. Long before the patriarchal religious pox that is upon us, women did indeed rule.

Today we trade our rightful tiaras for trinkets.

In this case, diamonds are hardly a girls best friend. I would posit that we trade our power, our freedom, our free will and a great deal of our creative power for a fucking rock. Or whatever.

Which is probably why I don’t have any diamonds, or a man, but I sure have one hell of a life.

There are plenty of good men who are very much in favor of changes. They just aren’t currently in power.

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