As some of your responses to this story shows, people really, really, really do NOT get the much larger point. For me, the point that rings true is that no matter how powerful, how rich, how influential, if your skin is Black, THAT is the determining factor. In the middle of the night, a popular NBA player (LeBron, Michael) or uber-rich exec(Rhimes) is still "just" a Black person, a threat to White standards and way of life, and deserving of a beating or a bullet if there is a perceived threat. This has NOTHING to do with the price of the tickets. NOTHING. The incredible inability to see this is part of what Whitewashing looks like in action. Oh, she should be grateful she's rich? Oh for cyring out LOUD. In this country, being rich doesn't change the conversation about being Black. I used to work for Disney when the place opened in Florida. Disney had, and continues to have, all kinds of issues, as do we all.

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