As in all things, Erik, it depends. There were seriously aggressive female warrior tribes, and also very peaceful agrarian societies. My guess would be that it depended on the neighboring peoples, scarcity, individual motivation, kinda like us all. However since those early civilizations (that many archeologists like to call “pagan” to minimize their accomplishments) created writing, and very successful agrarian systems, one gets the impression that war was not the primary business model. As it is for the US. BTW I was in your lovely country last year, and had the great pleasure of spending time with woman friend I’d met in Ecuador. One of the most fascinating observations she made to me about Americans vs your countrymen is that Americans like to say I AM( and fill in the blank) while those from the Netherlands are expected to have an opinion. That’s a very cogent and telling observation. Made me think a lot. Had a lot of fun there, too.

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