As an Army veteran, raped repeatedly by not only a senior officer but also by the Army shrink assigned to me for MST counseling ( all more than forty years ago) perhaps what is so very sad is the deep truth of this piece. Some ten thousand men get raped each year in the service, which to the pointy heads is an even greater horror.

Tom , how I wish I could say that your story is bullshit. But I have lived it, as have so many Millennials who write me privately about what happened to them on subs and in the supply closets. Don’t get me started. It’s a horror show. The military is vastly more interested in white washing than in fixing the issue. The generals at the top are likely all fucking guilty, including the DSCPER who tried to bend me over his desk as a favor for giving me an ARCOM and getting me into OCS. Assholes. Every single one of them.

Thanks for the piece. The Army was a great place in some ways and I bade what innocence I had goodbye there. As well as any trust I would ever have for any senior officer, men in authority, men in general. Repeated rape does that to a girl.

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