Another Request for Help to My Medium Writer Peeps

Over the past few days I’ve been sending notes to the Help Center in a very sincere effort to figure out what to buy to take on the road so that I can get paid for articles while in other countries. These inquires have either been met with limited information, ignored completely, someone cuts and pastes a list that I have already read, or as was the case this morning, some kid probably a third my age chided me that he’d “already mentioned this several times before” that I can only write on a desktop.

Since this is patently untrue as I write from a laptop, which by definition isn’t a desktop, this does nothing either to move the conversation forward or to foster good will with the Help Center. The tone of this email does nothing to engender good feelings about those in the Help Center.

My interest is sincere, and the information isn’t clear. I have asked repeatedly what kinds of machines — in this case, lightweight, given the travel piece- would support the Medium folks. I’m trying to play by the rules, as well as get paid, since I religiously write every single day and put out material that tends to get eyeballs and responses.

It is beyond my ken why this is both an annoyance to ask and/or impossible to answer. Since I am not a techie I have put this question out to you. My iPad, once I downloaded Chrome, won’t even let me move past the Write a Story link. However my iPad lets me write a story via Safari, but I don’t get paid for it. I fully understand that mobile browsers don’t support paid articles, and I am trying to find something that DOES.

You can see my problem as well as the reason for my perfectly legitimate questions.

My hope is that other Medium writers who, like me, produce regularly and are also not tied to their desks permanently, might have an answer or two.

My appreciate to Robyn Jane for her response, and I still have questions. I can’t be the only person wanting to know these things, as others are also writing about travel.

Thanks kindly to all in advance.

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