Another Kind Reminder to Those Who Signed Up to Follow Me

Julia E Hubbel
1 min readNov 29, 2023
The author in Croatia Julia Hubbel

Once again, thank you.

Then, I have a large body of work on Medium which you can peruse. I no longer produce new content here. That’s a long story and no longer worth repeating. Medium is not worthy of my trust.

Never again.

I do check once in a while to see if there are notifications or comments. I will respond to comments but nothing new but for this kind of announcement.

I write on, which is my own blog. I also write on Substack, a newsletter called Too Old For This Sh*t.

You are welcome to head on over.

All new material is where I have a more direct relationship with those kind enough to read my words.

Thank you for your interest. I wish you happy reading wherever you land, and that you choose to support those authors whose work feeds your heart, soul and intellect.

Best wishes, Julia



Julia E Hubbel

Not writing here any more. I may crosspost. You can peruse my writing on Substack at .Also visit me at