Annie, first, I have never had a drink in my life. Second, the date that I was used as a party favor it was at night, in a strange neighborhood, I had no car, and there were no cell phones. I'm curious about your question. It implies that I had options. I most certainly did not, being in the grip of some twelve people and no way to get my hands on a phone to call for help in a city that I didn't know. The man who had taken me there was a senior officer. I realize it's not always easy for civilians to understand the complex rules of rank, but you can be assured that I had no way to escape. When you're 23, how you think at that age is very different from how I think now. I wouldn't make any assumptions about what I should have or could have done. As for WHY I found myself in that situation, Annie, I trusted that I was going to a dinner party on a first date. Didn't turn out that way. I might gently challenge you to consider you choice of words, and your question, and ask why you might be asking me in the way you did. It sounds as though you are blaming me for getting into a situation about which I had no warning whatsoever, and couldn't possibly have anticipated. I still trusted that officers were gentlemen. They aren't. That's something many of us found out the hardest possible way.

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