Anne- thanks for your kind comments. Other stories in my collection speak to this but let me see if I can encapsulate this: any and all antidepressants (the Baby Boomer generation’s tobacco- and the next and the next) cause far more problems than they solve. That’s just one example. For reference please see the terrific anti-pharma, pro-health book by Dr. Kelly Brogan ( a doctor, psychiatrist AND a holistic healer) A Mind Of Your Own. Her argument and I concur, after my experiences with a slew of them, is that they do far more harm than good, and that the medical community is committed to get us hooked young, long, and damn the consequences. The meds were making me suicidal, along with a huge host of other symptoms (some 35 in call) that the VA was treating like separate and discrete problems. Nobody ever questioned the meds. From kidney stones to brain fog, from hair loss to dry eyes and dry mouth, from lethargy to depression, my research identified that every single issue I had could be traced to the meds I was taking. I dumped all of them. Think of it this way- our doctors increasingly do not doctor, they push pills and procedures because of profit, and for the good ones who don’t like this, they aren’t allowed to spend the real time with us to discover what the source of the problem is. Hence they prescribe, and with most docs getting less than 20 hours of nutritional training in their entire college program, most have NO CLUE how to each us to eat. There’s no money in prevention. EVery time we pop a pill, any pill, and that includes OTC commonly used drugs, we risk affecting our health. We knock over a domino. That hits others, and most docs have absolutely not clue how we’re going to respond. Therein lies the problem. Most people take meds far too long, long after they’ve done what they were supposed to do. That’s often what causes horrific side effects. The body is designed for vibrant health. Assuming we learn what our own bodies like, work them, play them, laugh with them, and feed them appropriately, most meds are completely unnecessary- that’s based on the simple fact that so much of what ails us arises from lifestyle issues. I hope this helps, and answers your questions. Bottom line for me, Anne, is that at 65, what I have found is that there is only one three-part prescription for superb health as we age:

  1. Have a solid, positive, rich support system that supports you and demands your best and does not accept your whining, excuses or nonsense. However they are there when you smack into a brick wall.
  2. Proper diet and exercise for the body you were given. Not the one you think you should have but the one you have. Learn it, love it, challenge it. That means few or no meds. The less I take the better I feel.
  3. Have a life purpose. Make a difference. Find a way to be of service. That’s what we’re here for. Wanna stay young forever? Find people who need your wisdom, love and help. Then show up for them.

By golly I think I see another article here.

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