And this is a surprise to us? I guess that the level naivete of the average person on the Internet who chooses to be influenced by such balderdash is about the same as those who religiously read The National Enquirer and believe that Elvis lives on the moon. It’s nothing new. People who are easily led will be easily led by whatever and whomever shows up and exerts influence that appeals to them.

The only thing that has changed is the specific snake oil. Someone is going to profit from our collective gullibility. I wonder, how is this different from those who continue to buy the bill of goods which we are served by the Catholic Church? That it is holy, above reproach, and that we should trust it, or any other religious institution which requires absolutely fealty not to God but to the institution at all costs? Especially at the cost of the most vulnerable?

People who don’t learn to question are led to the slaughter. Those who do question are also slaughtered- look at any dictatorship. Look at what’s happened in the last several years to those whose job it is to question.

The Emperor has no clothes, so we send him millions to buy some. Just like every evil televangelist who fleeced his flocks, especially those who had the least to give.

We get precisely what we deserve if we are so foolish as to believe the pap we see pressed into our faces, the fecal matter that these people serve us daily. As long as there is money to be made, a place to hide who we really are, there will always and forever be the evil little Wizard behind the screen in Oz. Except now those screens are legion.

Just like evil.

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