Alyssa, I'd love for you to add to this two things for further clarification if you're willing: 1) too many of us eat when we're thirsty. This means that we don't understand the signal, and we often respond by eating rather than drinking the precious water we all so desperately need. 2) Too many of us have not yet learned to listen specifically to WHAT the body is hungry for. Hunger is there, but it is also highly specific. There are times that you and I know damned good and well that the body wants EGGS or Peanut Butter because we're in need of protein. A pregnant woman is about as highly-tuned as they get, when she wants a pickle or ice cream, that may seem illogical but her baby and her body are as clear to her brain as a flashing neon sign. We get a signal for (something). STOP. Ask the body: thirst or hunger? If I drink water first am I satisfied? No? then if I am hungry, let me run the gamut of foods through my brain. I might be shocked to realize that my body really needs a handful of raisins, or a banana, or or or. When we ASK first, we learn a lot.

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