All you have to do is Google what companies does Monsanto own, Niclas, you get a list of 68, of which Coke and Pepsi and Nestle are all listed. I did check. Unless there’s been a massive selloff of their assets, then that list is still correct. If you want to add value to conversation, add value, not viciousness. We may not agree and you may choose to get your “facts” from places I don’t happen to uphold as valid resource material but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to a take. We all do. It’s the way you choose to deliver it which speaks to your character. I have done plenty of reading and research and if I put a link to every single piece the article would have been unreadable. It doesn’t bother me a bit to be challenged. However your need to flail someone publicity that you don’t happen to agree with speaks to your character and also turns Medium into just another Facebook troll rant. What a pity you couldn’t have found a more honorable way to disagree. That is your right. However it also completely undermines the value of discourse by lowering it into the gutter, as did someone else. I’m sure you have your followers. Good for you. If they all agree with you on everything I’m sure that feels very righteous. However that’s not how we grow. The piece was intended to engender thought and challenge. It did. I don’t expect full agreement. But I do, perhaps, have a higher bar for the quality of communication, disagreement, and a different way of seeing. That takes manners.

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