Agree. Or, if not a nurse, spend time as a PA. I have repeatedly found that PAs, which is a discipline which is growing swiftly, aren’t encumbered by the same defensive arrogance. I’ve had multiple opportunities to work with many and to a man/woman so far they know far more about nutrition and food, vastly more about alternative therapies, spend more time and are much more compassionate than their Dr. counterparts. My VA caregiver is a nurse, and a jock. However, even she was behind, as she regularly admonished me to RICE my injuries. That was debunked a good long time ago by the very doc who came up with it. That’s why I do research, send it to those I work with, and hope they read it. The good ones don’t take offense. They know good and well my intention is to arm them with good information, whether in my care or others’. Docs are a susceptible to unfortunate human tendencies as the rest of which, but they are burdened by the belief that they can fix many things that they cannot- to wit, anxiety related diseases which have little to no basis in actually physiological issue, but far more in emotional ones. They suffer those themselves, and when they self-medicate under the presumption that their pain is physical they end up as sick as we are. Therein, we are all human. A doctor is a professional just as I am, and that professionalism, as is mine, is in part defined by how willing I am to simply not know. Because that makes us teachable. If not, it keeps us ignorant. And for a doctor, that can be damned dangerous.

I hear you Daniel. I truly do. As a woman, the stakes are different if for no other reason than the medical community famously disregards female pain. I’ve had it happen to me when a surgeon -again- called me hysterical when I had severe pain post surgically. It seemed impossible that work he did could possibly be causing me a problem. It wasn’t until I paid for an MRI out of pocket and he was forced to acknowledge considerable inflammation in my shoulder that he backed off. Never apologized. Just backed off, and got me the care I needed. I Do. Not. Trust. I verify. And if that offends the doc, that is their problem not mine. Because I have to pay the price of their mistakes.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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