Again, Tom, and thanks for your kind response. I do see what you’re saying and I also respect your points. We as a two-party system are so diametrically opposed that pretty much everything is partisan and everyone is a potential pawn. A piece of me wonders, however, in the case of these two people and being surrounded by all the vitriol and emotions, if some sea change isn’t being formed. Many movements end up with sacrificial lambs, for better or for worse, be they Martin Luther King or Harvey Milk. Again, I’m not trying to justify anything, more perhaps to make sense of all this. In ten years we may well all look back and realize that these hearings were the beginning of something we didn’t expect. I have no idea what, but something has to change the conversation about how women are treated. Now your points go to larger issues about due process (I’m not ignoring them) but part of what we’re living is the kangaroo court of public opinion, rightly or wrongly. We’ve created this monster. We have to live with it. While my politics tend to be firmly in the middle, when it comes to how women are too often treated by conservatives that tends to get my ire up. I will agree on money matters. But being female, being a rape survivor, having heard far too many stories from my military peeps, I have to admit that I lean in the direction of having women have control over their bodies and making it absolutely unacceptable for any boy, any man, grab a body part and force sex on someone at ANY age, because it’s wrong, first, and because by god that will come back to haunt you some day. I don’t know how else to force this issue. I’ve lived with them my entire life. So of course I’m mad. Not rabid, but mad, with good reason. That however neither blinds me to your points nor does it mean I can’t understand your arguments. I think what’s important is to understand what drives my emotions, and do my best to keep a clear head. I honestly do not trust Kavanaugh for the simple reason of his brutal rudeness to the Senators and his obvious partisan politics and resentment which, to my mind, makes him unfit for the Supreme Court. He behaved very badly and without honor. Whatever respect he might have had in my eyes due to his position as a judge (of any persuasion) he lost with his interruption, sneering, and rudeness. To me, unseemly for a potential judge. He might have handled himself with slightly more respect and aplomb. But that, Tom, is my military training, which you fully understand. And which I suspect is why you justifiably argue for respect for the institutions that you and I both stood for.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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