Aaron, I respect that you have a take, but you appear to be taking a few things out of context and missing my overall point. I reread the article and while I see part of what you’re referring to, since you didn’t finish it you are commenting on partial material. My first use of the word grotesque wasn’t about people it was about extreme effort. There are also some carefully written qualifying statements that, because you didn’t finish it, you didn’t take into account. So while I do read comments, and I do take them seriously, if you’re going to comment on part of an article, but fail to read the entire thing and take the points into account in the whole, then I have to admit that it’s hard for me to take you very seriously. That doesn’t mean that what you say isn’t valid. What it means is that if you overreact to a piece without reading the whole thing and understanding why I use certain examples, then you’re teasing out something specific that bothers you and it’s out of context.

This- which is also taken from the article- is why:

The autopsy report was extremely unsettling. Details included a complete absence of subcutaneous bodyfat, a liver full of tennis ball sized tumors and a crumbling mass of polysterene-like tissue, and a heart almost double the size of a normal heart. His electrolytes were also out of balance and 20 different substances were found in his toxicology report. http://therecoverysite.me/20-bodybuilders-lost-soon-many-bodybuilders-died/2/

There is nothing intended to body shame per se. I am deeply concerned when people go to such extremes, when the extremity is picked up by the media, and those very extremities end up appealing to impressionable. That’s a deeply troubling trend that affects our kids and those whose self image is already in trouble. There’s nothing healthy about this. And that is far more the issue.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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