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If I have any kind of leanings, it’s towards Buddhism. Not because it’s a religion, because in truth, it’s not. It’s a disciplined way of thinking. Like all great Ways, once the great Buddha himself passed at eighty, within a very few generations much of what he taught succumbed to interpretations by his followers.

That’s why we have rampaging Buddhists killing folks in Myanmar, and temples that don’t allow women. But I digress.

Where was I?

Oh. Adam. Adam, Diabetic Cyborg leans towards Buddhism, and he told me recently I’d “disappeared” from his Medium feed. This is the story about…

A friendly treatise on professional assholes in need of someone to shit on

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There are a few really good writers on Medium whose work appeals to me when they are pointing out genuine injustices. Jessica Wildfire is among them; her in-your-face treatises about how society is treating Millennials, the setups to fail and punish people who might like to raise kids validated, almost right away, by stories I hear on NPR. She doesn’t have to be prescient. First, she lives it, second, she’s ridiculously smart and third, she’s a damned good researcher.

So, you will forgive me when I holler YES when she does a terrific troller take- down with a reference to…

This is one legacy we must leave behind us

It didn’t start with Boomers. In fact, I’m not sure that any of us could possibly sort out where “it” began, “it” being our obsession with thinness.

Every so often I see a online argument between people, usually someone who did their research and someone else who is only spouting their opinion sans research but of course, treating their opinion as fact. This particular kerfuffle had to do with whether or not a more corpulent body was at one time considered beautiful (for either sex, thanks). Doubt me? See this.

The answer to that is yes, it was. Depending on…

This is not a callout, but more, a gentle reminder about reality.

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This past week I read, as I frequently do, articles by my fellow older Medium writers. One of them is, like me, a Southerner born and raised. Some of the comments she made, as did others, about television programs from our youth elicited the responses about “simpler times.”

I also hear this phrase “these unprecedented times” used to the point of nausea to describe this past year.

At the risk of being hung by my fingernails, I disagree. Categorically, in fact.

On one hand, it is the right of every aging person to choose to recall what they will in…

Deposit photos

Why it matters to invest in a personal trainer

Eugene is chock-full of gyms, and as of tomorrow, according to new guidelines from Governor Kate Brown, more of those gyms will be chock-full of folks. Which is a good thing, for many of us are chock-full of whatever we’ve eaten too much of under quarantine, which means that we’ve added pounds that can be painful when we start pounding the pavement again. If you haven’t already started.

Whether or not you’ve gained weight isn’t as important as whether or not you got the message, that however old you are, or feel, being restricted might have convinced you that your…

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I got a note yesterday from a friend I met on Medium last year. She’s a fellow writer on Illumination, in my estimation one of the best. She and I are late-in-life athletes, we’ve both written multiple books, and at the time we met last year, we were both living in Colorado. She found an article of mine of interest, I found her work profound.

Her friendship has profoundly improved my life this past year.

Little did I know that a year later, after George Floyd’s murder would create a crucible on which that friendship would be forged, this magnificent…

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Fellow Crow’s Feet writer Ruby Lee penned a piece about high school reunions the other day. Got me thinking. Her 45th is right around the corner. My 50th is this year. Big one. Very Big One.

Go? Or not to go?

As with all things, it depends. It depends on what group you inhabited, if any group at all, and whether, in those formative years, you felt included. Which would dictate, at least in part, whether or not a reunion actually felt like a reunion rather than dipping yourself right back into the boiling oil of adolescent angst.

Here’s her…

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I found this article by Shannon the other day which had been posted on Synergy:

Two things. I had started to read someone else’s article about writing for writers on Synergy. The first thing I noticed was a glaring grammatical error in the headline.

The headline. A word that was clearly plural had an apostrophe which made it possessive.


That was sloppy. It was a harbinger of things to come.

Second, the writing in this article, an article addressing other writers, was execrable.

NOT okay.

The author is writing a piece directed at other writers on how to write…

Feeling Old? Discarded? Useless? Feeling like the target of ageism in a world focused on the young? You’re hardly alone. I might have an antidote. Maybe. Stay with me here.

As an aging Baby Boomer, one of the challenges I face is how to stay relevant in a world that truly seems to hate the aged and elderly. Truth is those folks hate themselves, need an outlet, and the aged are easy targets. Hard to fight back with a walker, although a cane up the rude bum might put a stop to abuse very quickly. …

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There’s a great line in the movie The Big Chill (1983) which involves a group of once-close friends gathering for the funeral of a one of their college buddies. That friend was Alex. Alex was Kevin Costner’s first movie role, but all we see of him is his slashed wrists in the casket. Over the course of the weekend, the friends assess their lives, their progress (or lack thereof), men, women, success (or lack thereof), life, and they mate.

At one point, Jeff Goldblum’s character comments,

“I must tell you, I’m picking up vibrations here at the house. …

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