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Yeah, it sounds like clickbait. But it isn’t.

There’s nothing like starting an article with a chip on your shoulder (Yah, yah, here it comes, another perfect health sales pitch about detox teas…) and realizing you’re dead wrong. I can’t speak for you but that kind of realization effing makes my day.

Why? Because realizing I’m dead wrong…

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The pursuit of unhappiness, especially your own. Please kindly don’t show up at my house. But wait, there’s more.

During some research for another article, I came across a bit of intriguing information about a rather little-known psychiatric disorder that might explain some of what I’m seeing on Medium and elsewhere.

The disorder is called Cherophobia, which is when a person has an irrational aversion to being happy.


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Copyright infringement is real, spreading, and rips us all off. This is what I did.

Copyright is one of several categories of intellectual property (IP) protection, designed to safeguard the creator’s, owner’s, or holder’s exclusive right to claim an original work as their own — when the work is fixed in a tangible medium.

As soon as a work is written on paper, recorded digitally…

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Conversation doesn’t always come naturally, but learning to converse can reverse loneliness and isolation. Here’s how.

Can we talk? Probably not. Can you talk AT me? Probably. That’s more likely what you and I do. Pontificate, push our ideas, press ourselves upon others.

That’s not conversation.

Here’s the history of the word:

It used to mean intercourse, as in adultery. However, as the word evolved, it…

Ten days ago I had rotator cuff surgery. Already, I am ready for the gym. Here’s how that worked.

If you’re older, single, living alone and facing surgery, this article is for you. I am all of that. While I had offers from helpers, I wanted to see how much of my post surgical care I could make easier by proper preparation, both physical and environmental. …

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Be prepared to be filleted and cooked on an open fire if you come after me, sweetcheeks.

Warning, rant coming. And unapologetic about this one. If you feel the need to accuse me of having it easy, I hope you brought a fire extinguisher.

Medium writer Pam Winter wrote a story about blocking this morning right after I read a righteously unfortunate comment from a 65-year-old woman…

What a Black anti-racism writer’s comment inspired me to write about energy

Dear Reader: This is a rather long journey, it’s intentional. This article was inspired in part by a tweet by writer Hannah Drake when she realized that she didn’t HAVE to respond to every comment. Please note, I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Hannah; I don’t use other folk’s…

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