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A perfect sweet of a movie reveals what could heal us, but first we have to succumb to enchantment

One of the most marvelous gifts of art, whether it’s cooking or making movies, is how art heals us if we would but just let it. The current spate of modern-day book burning among deeply ignorant and fearful parents speaks to the unspeakable lack of joy in such lives, and…

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Yeah, it sounds like clickbait. But it isn’t.

There’s nothing like starting an article with a chip on your shoulder (Yah, yah, here it comes, another perfect health sales pitch about detox teas…) and realizing you’re dead wrong. I can’t speak for you but that kind of realization effing makes my day.

Why? Because realizing I’m dead wrong…

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The pursuit of unhappiness, especially your own. Please kindly don’t show up at my house. But wait, there’s more.

During some research for another article, I came across a bit of intriguing information about a rather little-known psychiatric disorder that might explain some of what I’m seeing on Medium and elsewhere.

The disorder is called Cherophobia, which is when a person has an irrational aversion to being happy.


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Why we need to thank those who allow us to be able to run down the hill screaming. Or whatever you do when happy.

About eleven am, Tuesday, 25 January.

So the people from anesthesia called a few minutes ago to make sure that my arm was working properly. Up to about an hour ago, it was effectively a big fat dead leg o’ lamb, warm but useless, hanging in a sling for the…

that looks fine - recovering from surgery- typing one handed

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Call me cranky. Yep. Call me irritated. Yep. Here’s why. I’ll be brief (thank you, they said)

God save me from articles by children telling us the X Things Most People Don’t Learn Until Too Late in Life.

Children, in this sense, as in those in their twenties or thirties who possess the unmitigated gall and hubris to imply to those two to three times their age…

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The great frustration and liberation of realizing that we are NOT original.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, my fellow Medium peeps, especially those new writers, there is nothing new under the sun. While the world has ever been full of people full of themselves and their utter belief in their own originality, the fact is that we aren’t original. Our…

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Comments on a popular Facebook Traveling Solo page point out what moves us and what jails us

A few weeks ago I got active on a Facebook Site for women who travel solo over fifty. Since that’s right up my alley, I leapt on. I started posting a lot, and watched the comments.

The women, now more than seventy thousand strong, range from full-on adventurers, which are…

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