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Yeah, it sounds like clickbait. But it isn’t.

There’s nothing like starting an article with a chip on your shoulder (Yah, yah, here it comes, another perfect health sales pitch about detox teas…) and realizing you’re dead wrong. I can’t speak for you but that kind of realization effing makes my day.

Why? Because realizing I’m dead wrong…

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The pursuit of unhappiness, especially your own. Please kindly don’t show up at my house. But wait, there’s more.

During some research for another article, I came across a bit of intriguing information about a rather little-known psychiatric disorder that might explain some of what I’m seeing on Medium and elsewhere.

The disorder is called Cherophobia, which is when a person has an irrational aversion to being happy.


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Will I do this again? Thinking about it.

I got the card in the mail. It’s tacky. Look, I had to get it laminated. The US Parachute Association doesn’t send out real cards. The certifications are real but you have to laminate your own cards. My A license is ages old. The original was made with a typewriter…

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Written from the viewpoint of a layman only. Let’s talk.

Note to Dear Reader: I am not a sports writer nor am I an expert. I do love college sports, though, and am simply expressing my personal opinions about this. I am taking a dogleg from my regular beat because I love(d) college football. Doesn’t make me right. …

From Linked In, Diversity Feed

For those who don’t get it, for me, this is why so many veterans are an inspiration. But as with all things, it depends. Stay with me here.

This meme might annoy you. If you know who this guy is, you might be annoyed that Jones is a regular on Fox News, which I abhor for all the obvious reasons. However, before writing this article, I read Jones’s story, which is here:

As a fellow veteran, I chose…

My dada (sister) Teddy from her Facebook page. (2017)

How a girl from a difficult background became the heart of the best hotel in Moshi for Kilimanjaro climbers from around the world.

Almost as soon as I drove into the spacious parking lot, spacious because buses full of climbers are in and out all the time, Teddy bellowed,


I was out the door almost before Innocent had braked the bus and was wrapped up in Teddy’s warm embrace. I was home. …

Well, in this regard it is, because it’s your life, your body.

We can end up like the above photo for any number of reasons. Most of them, these days, are preventable. There are accidents, illnesses and pure bad luck. But as we age towards thirty, and that is now what research is indicating when dementia can begin far sooner than we…

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The bad news and good news about our culture and what you can do right now to finally, finally FINALLY get more fit, feel better and improve your chances for a rich, long life.

I didn’t say skinny. Thin. I said FIT. My regular readers will roll their eyes, because they have heard this a thousand times over. I do NOT care if you are Lizzo or Twiggy (for my fellow Boomers), if you can’t play in life, you are not living. …

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No, Darling, we don’t deliver live baby elephants.

Kirsty Smith has a challenge. Two of them, really. She only just recently got married, and she’s still recovering from Covid. She wraps her bright pink shawl around her as we sit in her office at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust near Nairobi.

Kirsty has an enviable job, but it has…

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The get-out-of-jail-free card I most desperately needed this year

Kelly Morgan, MD, is full of energy. She’s got short blond hair, she’s a mom, and only recently came to work for the Eugene VA clinic. I think I was her third patient. Already she’s finding that things are different here; she asked me to pee into a cup at…

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